In 2020, we supported 100+ schools across the country produce a virtual celebration for their graduating class. Our focus is on providing support to schools in need of an online solution for upcoming ceremonies with custom options that reflect their school spirit and culture.

With our production expertise, we are collaborating with schools to create a viable solution. Even if a school is tentatively planning to hold a ceremony later in the summer, a streamed virtual graduation ceremony taking place on the original graduation date will assure students and parents of a definite time they can come together safely and acknowledge this special moment in their lives.

We have spoken with school administrators with whom we have previous relationships within the athletic realm; with their assistance we’ve developed packages that can be tailored to fit the financial and logistical needs of each school. All of our packages are produced prior to the graduation date and include students’ information as well as commencement speeches which can be filmed by our professional videographers or by the school/parents.

Virtual Graduation Packages


  • Professionally Filmed Speeches (up to 7 included)
  • Student Profiles: student name, photo, accomplishments, and senior quote
  • Up to 900 students (inquire to add more)
  • Senior Class Slideshow
  • 15 Commemorative DVDs to gift to administration,  valedictorians, etc.
  • Final Product
    • Proof provided 14 days before graduation
    • A digital copy of your commencement video
    • A custom link for parent/student download of the commencement video
    • Commemorative DVDs available for purchase
Gold Virtual Graduation Package Icon


  • Integrated principal commencement address
  • Integrated valedictorian or honored guest speeches
  • (Up to 5 total speeches included)
  • Student Profiles: student name, photo, and accomplishments
  • Up to 500 students (inquire to add more)
  • Final Product
    • Proof provided 14 days before graduation
    • A digital copy of your commencement video
    • A custom link for parent/student download of the commencement video
    • Commemorative DVDs available for purchase
Silver Virtual Graduation Package Icon


  • Integrated principal commencement address
  • (Up to 3 speeches included)
  • Student Profiles: student name, photo
  • Up to 350 students (inquire to add more)
  • Final Product
    • Proof provided 14 days before graduation
    • A digital copy of your commencement video
    • Commemorative DVDs available for purchase




We’ll schedule a time to have one of our professional videographers meet with your commencement speakers and record their speeches for your video.
* Subject to local COVID-19 regulations on the filming date



Don’t know the ins and outs of live streaming or just don’t want to have another thing to worry about right now? We can help! We can create a custom page on our website or YouTube that you can email out to parents and we’ll handle broadcasting your video.



Show your school spirit with a custom-made slideshow for the celebration. Have your staff or yearbook club send us pictures and we’ll create a spirit-filled slideshow set to music.



Add the finishing touch to your video by having a voice actor read each student’s name as their slide is on the screen.



Is your graduation just around the corner and you can’t meet our timeline? Jump to the top of the editing line and get your graduation put together on your short timeline.


Recent Virtumencement Client


Sample footage below reflects self-recorded option. For recent client examples please refer to our previous client list and search online for their 2020 graduation video or email us.


  1. Determine which package below best fits your needs.
  2. Contact us and we’ll schedule a time to talk through your school’s needs to make sure we get everything perfect. After the call we’ll send an invoice for a 50% deposit and begin working on your video.
  3. We’ll set up forms and links for your students to submit their info.
  4. Two weeks prior to your graduation date, we’ll send a digital proof to you via email.
  5. After we receive final verification from you that no changes are necessary to the proof, we’ll send over the final invoice for the remaining 50%.
  6. Once final payment has been received, we’ll email a download link to your final video file.

The main reason to work with us is because of our reputation and experience. Since 2010, we have been operating one of the largest sports production companies in the United States with over 200 videographers. As sporting events across the U.S. have been cancelled, we have thought about how we could support schools, parents and students in a new way during these troubling times

A lot of people can put together a slideshow using iMovie but it takes real expertise to put together something as important as a virtual graduation. These are hard times for your students and we are here to come alongside you to create a professional video that highlights these students and their hard work. We want to take the pressure off your team as you navigate through this time of providing services to your students in a way never seen before. But more than that, we want kids and parents to be able to look back with pride, knowing their school stepped up and did their best to showcase the students they serve.

We’re here to be a resource for schools looking for support in creating a virtual graduations. When I speak to principals and graduation committees, I tell them that even if you don’t work with us please consider us as a resource. If you have technical questions or anything else, shoot us an email, we’d be more that happy to give input. We’re not here to make a quick buck from an epidemic; we are a group of production professionals who have been plugged into public and private schools across the U.S. for the past decade and want to be available as a resource for those looking for one.

No! We can create a virtual graduation experience for any grade. This works well for not only senior classes but 8th grade classes and 5th grade classes as well. We’re also working with universities, community colleges, and trade schools to provide virtual graduation services for their needs.

After speaking with school officials, we believe the best approach is filming speeches prior to the graduation day and integrating them into a video, along with the other elements outlined in the packages. This takes pressure off of the staff on the day of the event as it allows you to stream the video with minimal “hands-on-deck.”

We are flexible to meet your school’s needs, but typically we would recommend this order:

  1. Graduation speakers
  2. Student list
  3. Spirit slideshow (add-on)
  4. Closing message

Absolutely! You do not have to have us come film your speeches. Today most people’s smart phone or web cam have good enough resolution for us to use. It is just important you try to film against a background that isn’t too distracting and in an area with good lighting and sound.

You bet! You can view our filming tips here.

Absolutely! Just make sure you do so in a quiet place with low echo. You can email us the audio file and we can include it in your video for no additional charge.

Of course! We created a page with some templated options for you to choose from to make this easier. If you have any special requests, we’d love to hear them so we can make the video reflect your school the best.

You bet! Head over to our DVD Order page to get your keepsake DVD ordered. FREE SHIPPING

Yes! We’d love the opportunity to work with your whole district and will create a special discounted package to meet your needs. Please contact us with the details.

We are asking schools to pay their deposit and have all items for the video submitted to us a minimum of 5 weeks before their graduation. As we continue to book up, we may have to extend that lead time. If your graduation is sooner than that, please contact to see if we can be an exception and work your school in. We’re here to support schools around the world during this difficult time and we will do all we can to accept every project.

After we talk, we’ll email you a QuickBooks invoice. QuickBooks allows you to pay with major credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. Normally we require full payment before starting a project but recognizing these are hard times we are allowing schools to pay a 50% deposit and the final 50% upon proof approval.

We require a 50% no refundable deposit prior to starting any work. Prior to paying the remaining 50%, you will be provided an online proof to review your video and request any changes. After approving the final proof, we will then invoice you the final amount and send the finished video after payment is received. We want every client to be happy with their video, so we will work with you to get it right. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the deposit because we will begin working on the video as soon as it is received.



or schedule a time for us to talk, here.